How to choose an outdoor bistro set for your yard?

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About outdoor bistro set:

Want to décor and fill your beloved yard? Try to use some outdoor bistro sets to create the overall visual aesthetics of your house. Of course, they are also practical. Patio bistro sets mentioned in this article are including diverse types, like retro aluminium alloy table set, folding patio table set, rattan table set, etc. These elegant patio bistro table sets are suitable for most outdoor setting or events.

bistro set

Deserved to be chosen? Why are they?

More and more people began to devote themselves to building their houses, especially some outdoor living spaces like balconies, patios, backyards or cabanas. No matter what kind of layout your courtyard is, it should be better taken care of, right?

Well, when your courtyard is full of fresh air and flowers are in bud, is there anything deficient with it? Certainly, you might need a crafted bistro set to upgrade the tone of your yard.

Like this type of bistro set shown below

bistro set

Consisted of two chairs and a table, this patio bistro set has an elegant style. Floral detailed design add more retro charm and fashion to your yard; umbrella hole in the middle of the table provides convenience and versatility for your very sunny garden; steady aluminium alloy ensures this bistro table set is firm and durable; an armless design and floral-petal-shaped backrest of the chair serves more space for free movement; equipped with adjustable foot caps which can prevent the floor from scratches, the footpads might adapt to different ground situations.

Are there any other pros of this bistro set?

  • Vintage and elegant: Exquisite and vintage floral pattern is crafted everywhere on this patio bistro set, which exudes the taste of elegance. It’s a perfect pick for patio, garden, lawn or any yard.
  • Superior material: Crafted with high-quality aluminium alloy, this outdoor bistro set has a good performance of shock absorption and anti-rust. The surface of the table and seats is powder coated with a smooth finish, featuring waterproof and rust-resistant.bistro set
  • Easy installation: Do not worry about the installation. All the necessary hardware is provided for you with well-illustrated instructions.

  • Ergonomic design: The seat of the chair is slightly concave to better fit in individual’s body curve. This design upgrades the sitting experience with concave seats instead of flat hard ones.

  • Adjustable foot pads: To prevent the floor from scratches, this classic bistro set is equipped with adjustable foot caps to adapt to different ground situations.

Little tip: what’s the difference between aluminium alloy and steel?

aluminium alloy


shock absorption

fatigue resistance

lighter weight

heavier weight

rust resistance

easy rusty

long service life

cheaper price


Where can you put this type of antique outdoor bistro set?

bistro set

bistro set

  1. Your beloved yard or patio

Regardless of the design style or pattern, this classic bistro set goes well with your courtyard or patio. You can also match some other home furniture or decorations with it, to add the overall visual aestheticism and functionality to your yard.

  1. The garden or lawn

The color of this patio bistro set is quietly elegant, it might be a highlight of your lawn or garden. Try to imagine, your lawn might be decorated by this set of exquisite table and chairs; you can also sit in a chair and have a leisurely afternoon tea after watering the flowers in the garden.

  1. Any other outdoor places you want

You can put this elegant bistro set everywhere out of your house, it depends on the layout of your backyard.

Maybe you could match a pretty tablecloth and some sets of wooden, silver or glass tableware to serve your friends when they visit.

Other types of outdoor bistro set:

※ Folding patio table set:

You deserve a special spot for your courtyard to take sunbathing, read books and have an afternoon coffee, this lovely folding table set is a great choice. Solid iron construction ensures a long service life and great bearing capacity. Modern and concise design made this patio furniture set lively, it is compatible with most outdoor places in terms of diverse sizes and colors.

bistro set

bistro set

※ Rattan table set:

This special rattan table set might brighten your porch, balcony or courtyard. The rattan table and chairs are made of a superior steel frame with waterproof PE rattan, the metal is solid and sturdy enough so that you can sink into the chair totally and get full relaxation. This patio rattan bistro set will also remain in good shape even though it served for a long time. 

rattan chair

※ Rattan Swing Chair:

This is a chic household item that might create a leisurely vibe and add vitality to your outdoor living space. The rattan swing chair is constructed from strong powder steel frame and weather-resistant PE rattan, with no maintenance required and will not crack or fade. Adopted the ergonomic design, the cushion is sewed from fiber and cloth which is soft and comfortable and fit in body’s requirement. Decorated by this lovely swing chair, the vibe in your backyard might be pretty laid back!

bistro set

How to choose an applicable bistro set for your outdoor living space?

With the continuous progress of the times, people are becoming more and more passionate about the pursuit of nature. As a result, many people now like to gather outdoors, so that they can enjoy the scenery of nature while entertaining. Choosing an applicable outdoor bistro set is not a simple matter. Besides having an aesthetically pleasing appearance, we should pay more attention to materials and functions. So how to choose outdoor tables and chairs?

Well, here are some suggestions for you and hope that can be helpful to you.

  1. Steady & durable type: retro aluminium alloy bistro set (Features: sturdy construction, rust protection, strong bearing capacity, vintage style)
  2. Space-saving type: folding patio bistro set (Features: foldable and convenient, easy to carry)
  3. Easy-moving type: rattan patio table set (Features: lighter weight, easy to move on, strong bearing ability)
  4. Fashion & art type: rattan swing chair (Features: fashionable and chic appearance, integration of leisure and entertainment, strong bearing capacity, comfortable sitting experience) 

Of course, As long as your balcony has enough space, you can also match these different types of bistro sets together as shown below.

bistro set

There are a variety of outdoor bistro sets for you to choose from. You can choose according to your preferences and the needs of your outdoor living space. If the outdoor living space is large, choosing diverse types of table sets might achieve a combination of attractive appearance and practicality. No matter what type of bistro sets you select, remember to consider the furniture tone in your patio and make these adorable tables and chairs go well with your nyard, garden or any other outdoor living space.

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