How to Choose a Flower Stand?

flower stand

flower stand

As a city inhabitant, what do plants mean to you?

Without them, can you even imagine what will your life be like?

As for me and many other nature devotees, all those green leaves, colorful blossoms and cool shades have turned into special connections between us and nature.

No matter in which season, those plants who share the same living space with us have always kept bringing vitality and vigor to our life, making our house more inviting, comfortable, purifying the air, decorating our yard and reminding us we are animals in essence just like birds and elephants that we can’t survive outside a sound ecological environment.

However, unlike natural habitats, the space in our houses or yards in the cities for plants grown is sometimes limited.

When the indoor plants and flowers become overwhelmed, homeowners are faced with the question of how to accommodate those plants in our houses or yards spatial reasonably and aesthetically?

Some choose to keep smaller plants, while others try to improve space utilization by hanging up the flowerpots. But these approaches can only solve a small part of the problem.

Now, here is another solution that may help figure out most of it: flower stands.

flower stand

Flower Stand Solution—the Blend of Practicality and Aesthetic

Speaking of flower stands, you may not feel unfamiliar, but you may have underestimated their value for your plants and the space you habit.

Flower stands serve as a kind of shelves or elegant stands for plants grown both indoors and outdoors, such as the living room, study, bathroom, yards and balconies.

The most intuitive practical value of a flower stand lies in that it enables you to arrange your flower pots at different levels according to their habitual nature and structural features.

For example, some flowers prefer a relatively wet and dark environment, then you can situate them on a lower level and spare more lights for those who like solar lights.

Also, some plants feature hang-down branches, arranging which on the higher level is an approach respecting their growth habit and thus they can thrive freely.

Other than this, the clever application of a flower stand can add a sense of depth to your room.

From the perspective of interior design, layering plays a key role in expanding space visually and optimizing interior spatial arrangement. A space of rich layering will look more tidy, harmonious and ampler.

Besides, flower stands can also work as flower pot organizers.

They can accommodate a mini garden vertically in your house or yard without occupying too much of your living space. With a flower stand, you are allowed to adopt more plants you like in your limited space.

To be noticed, a flower stand full of flourishing plants is an ideal decorative supply and tasteful furniture itself.

It can serve as a partition wall between two connected parts of your house, for example, between the living room and the balcony; or it can stand closely in front of a wall with a large blank, adding spice to your toneless room.

If you have no idea choosing what kind of accessories to decorate or embellish your house, then an elegant flower stand full of spirited plants is always the wise choice!

plant stand

Choosing an Ideal Flower Stand, Something You Must Know!

In today’s market, various flower stands are dazzling.
They come in different shapes and sizes, designed for various specific situations-high or low, complex or simple, richly decorated or minimalist, wooden, bamboo or iron.
If you have decided to get one for your houseo figure out what exactly the “right flower stand” for you looks like. but lost in the various flower stands, this detailed guideline may help you.


Choosing a suitable flower stand, materials should be considered first. Because the material is a decisive factor in the problems of where you want to use your plant stand and the weight capacity you want it to have.
For example, If you want to use it indoors, then the choices can be more flexible as you don’t need to worry about whether it is water-proof or not.
Besides, if you have several flower pots which are pretty heavy altogether, then you may have to choose some material featuring great weight capacity.
Now in the market, 5 materials are commonly seen used for making flower stands.


Among all of the flower stands, wooden ones are the most popular choices. The advantages of wooden stands lie in two main aspects.
First, people choose them because their original color, dark or light, beautiful delicate texture and fresh breath are so natural and pleasant that can add a sense of friendly and peaceful vibe to the owners’ house.
It seems that wooden stands are born harmoniously with those green plants and colorful blossoms.
It is pretty for them to integrate into various room décor styles, such as country, industrial, vintage and so on. In a word, from appearance, wooden flower stands are natural and pretty harmonious with plants to serve in various room decors.
Expect for the appearance, wood, as a classic original material of the flower plants, also boasts nice plasticity and great weight capacity.
To be more specific, it is well known that woods are always used for making various furniture due to the features of ease of processing and high solidity.
When such features are combined with professional mechanical frame structures, the furniture usually performs well in weight capacity.
In the same way, wooden flower stands are characterized by the same features, rich modeling and great weight capacity.
However, the issue of easy deformation in a humid environment for wood can not be ignored either.
If you want to place your wood stand in your yard without a shelter, then you need to check whether the flower stand is coated by a water-proof finish, or you’d better consider other stands made of water-proof materials.


Bamboo is also a good choice as the original material of flower stands.
Just as wood, it features unique natural textures and pleasant soft colors.
As a material of the furniture, it has great inherent advantages, such as body-harmless, high-density, good-toughness, high-strength, durable and uneasy to deform.
With all these merits, flower stands made by bamboo can be ideal in both appearance and performance.
The super fresh and natural color as well as the exquisite texture allow bamboo stands to well match with decore styles such as bohemian, eclectic, minimalist, country and any styles with natural elements.
Besides, with great elasticity and durability, bamboo flower stands can usually bear oversize tropical plants with large weight.
Compared with wooden ones, bamboo flower stands are usually cheaper and much easier to assemble.
However, in comparison with wood, bamboo is slightly inferior in terms of firmness and plasticity. If exposed to strong solar light for a long time, bamboo will be easier to crack or deform than wood.
Besides, it is suggested that do not place bamboo products outdoor or somewhere without shade. Because, though water-resistant, long time stays in a wet environment will make them very easy to get mildew or infested by worms.
In addition, unlike wood, bamboo has worse plasticity that can not be molded into too much complicated styles.
In a word, similar to wooden flower stands, bamboo stands also boast a fresh, elegant appearance and great weight capacity.
To be noticed, it is suggested that stands made of bamboo are better to be placed indoors due to they may get informed or cracked under an environment with direct sunlight or high humidity.
flower stand


Flower stands made of metals go more and more popular these days. Because their unique advantages make them one of the kind among all the various flower stands.
First of all, compared with wooden and bamboo ones which full of natural and fresh breath, plant stands made of metals render an altitude of minimalism and anti-stereotype.
With the prevalence of minimalism and individuation, many people start to turn their attention to this more personalized choice, especially those made by brass or copper, which create interesting color contrast between the green and natural structure of the plant and the bright metallic finish, particularly suitable for modern-urban, Scandi, and transitional style homes.
Besides, as such raw materials have great plasticity, metal flower stands are usually designed into a wider range of modeling, for example, bicycle, basket, birdcage, carriage wheel, boot and so on. They can serve as delicate decoration in your yards, at the gate, on your balcony or anywhere you want.
flower stand


If your house is decorated in a modern, contemporary or hi-tech style and you can’t find a stand or shelf that can well integrate into your house, then a glass one may be your solution.
Flower stands made of glass are usually designed as a creative kind among various stands. Their outlines are usually bold and unconventional.
You can find many of them are thoughtfully designed that can serve as not only flower stands but also delicate and elegant additions to your tasteful house.
But here is something you have to consider before purchasing, the weight capacity. Unlike wood, bamboo or metal, glass is more fragile.
Therefore, you need to make sure whether it is capable of holding your flower pots, and evaluate is it risky for your pets and child.


If your budget is limited, your plants are relatively small or you want some more colorful flower stands, then plastic ones are good choices.
They usually come in various shapes and colors, adding excellent water resistance and easy maintenance, plastic flower stands can provide more choices and possibilities for you.
What’s more, their price is the lowest among all of the stands. All of these merits made them popular from the very beginning.
However, the disadvantage of them can not be ignored either.
First of all, plastic is harmful to our ecological environment, therefore, it is suggested that if you still have other choices, please take plastic planters as the last one.
What’s more, since plastic has a relatively weaker structure, they break easily when bearing too much weight. Therefore, plastic flower stands are not suitable for oversized plants.


Except for the materials of the flower stands, size turns into another important parameter that has to be considered.
Because the plant stand in the right size can both ensure the piece can fit harmoniously with the style and space of your house, and fully accommodate your plants now and future as the growth rate and size of different plants vary.
To find the right size planter, height is the most crucial data to consider.
Since different plants grow to various heights and structures, the size of the plant stand you need will be various and very specific as well.
Here is a general rule to follow: the taller the plants are the lower the stands should be.
Plants such as some Marantaceae and Cactaceae can grow over 4 feet and should be paired with a low plant stand between 6-10 inches with a relatively wide base for extra stability.
While shorter or smaller plants such as the succulent or daffodil which usually can grow to between 1-2 feet and can be placed on stands up to 40-inches high.
Besides, some linear plants, which grow cascade down toward the floor such as Chlorophytum Comosum should also be placed on a taller stand for both displaying the plant to its full advantage and protecting tender fronds from injury.
flower stand


In addition to materials and sizes, flower stands also come in multifarious types to accommodate the needs of various plants and house decorations.
Here, I will show you 4 common types of planters as well as the specific situations they fit.


Multi-tiered flower stands are the most common ones in the market as they are the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics.
Such structure effectively improves the space utilization by expanding the storage space vertically, allowing more flower pots to be accommodated, saving precious space in your house or yards, and most importantly, satisfying different needs of different plants.
Besides, with rich layering, multi-layer planters can serve as excellent artistic decorations to your house and yards, creating a fresh and free vibe for our space.


The opposite of multi-layer plant stands is single stands. Such type gives priority to aesthetics and offers the most basic way to accommodate your plant.
With rich modeling, materials and height selections, you can always find one to match your house décor.
Besides, such planters can bear a wide range of weight. If you just have an oversized plant and worry about the weight capacity of those multi-layered planters, then a single one can be a good choice.


Another planter choice that combines both function and graphic sense is nesting ones.
Nesting flower stands are a set of pieces that fit naturally together, usually in descending size order.
Compared with multi-layer ones, this stand embraces a richer dimension horizontally.
You can position one next to another or more to build a multi-dimensional structure throughout a space to accommodate multiple pants closely.
This kind of stand style is more suitable for domestic use as their creative design can well match some modern décor styles.
Placing one in an entryway or at an unimpressive corner can make a bold statement and a great first impression on visitors.
Or you can place one with large-growth plants on the patio or in the living room to create the perception of a lush small jungle.
flower stand


1. Select flower stands made of materials that can meet the needs of both your home décor and plants' nature.
It’s worth noting that if you need to use the stands outdoors, make sure that the material is whether-proof or has a weather-proof finish to withstand all the elements.
2. The height of the plant stands is the decisive factor in choosing one in the correct size.
To be more specific, not only the present size but also the size your plants might grow in the future should all be considered so that you can leave reasonable space for them to grow and optimize your house.
Namely, tall plants need low stands, short and linear plants need to be displayed on taller ones.
3. The type of flower stands you choose will decide what kind of style statement your plants make.
The multi-layered and nesting planters add layering to your space, while single ones can make a bold statement when paired with a large cascading plant.

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